Pride Resource Partners is a high-performance, professional project management consulting firm serving regulated industries such as the energy, utility, and transportation sectors. We provide integrated, scalable approaches to augment project management capabilities for mid-sized and large companies as well as municipal, county, and state agencies. We support our clientele in executing on their program and project delivery goals by offering expertise in program and project management, construction management, and technical resourcing solutions.


Our commitment to community is part of our company culture: we believe in the value of elevating worthy causes that matter to us through charitable campaigns, volunteer endeavors, and developing initiatives. Throughout the year we find opportunities to give back through donations and organized volunteer efforts.

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Creating a culture of belonging, inclusion, and diversity means embracing differences that both enhance our work culture and drive our business operations. We actively recruit and embrace diversity in our workforce, and our employees are diverse in gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, religion, and age.

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As a thriving company, we feel an integrated environmental sustainability program has allowed us to maintain a high standard of work, build trust with our client partners, and take pride in the outcome of our projects.

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Pride in Our Partnerships

We believe that one of the keys to our success is our active engagement at every level, with our clients, our employees, and our contract partners. This integrative approach enables us to add value and create sustainable solutions for client initiatives, as well as inspire long-term business relationships. In addition, we collaborate closely with select partners to leverage advanced technologies, such as the use of drones for inspections, artificial intelligence and machine learning for vegetation management, and private LTE wireless networks for grid modernization. At Pride, integration is one of our core values with respect to our client partners, as we whole-heartedly invest our skills, energies, and passions into the outcomes of our clients’ projects.