Asset and Circuit Inspection

Pride is currently supporting Southern California Edison’s (SCE’s) Asset and Circuit inspection program by providing qualified electrical professionals and engineers who assess photographic imagery for distribution and transmission structures, hardware, components, foundations, coatings, associated failure modes, and overall quality of the assets.

  • To date our team has performed desktop inspections on over 36,000 structures
  • Our qualified electrical professionals and engineers evaluate strength, durability, failure modes, and overall quality, complete a detailed inspection form, and provide notifications of any defects or detected anomalies
  • Industry: utility
  • Project Type: Inspection
  • Client: Southern California Edison (as a Tier 2 contractor)
  • Location: Pomona, California
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Services: QA/QC inspection, analysis evaluation, reporting safety professionals for contractor safety management program
  • Keywords: Inspection, transmission, distribution