As a triple-bottom-line company that puts social responsibility at the forefront of our operations, we believe that profit can have a harmonious relationship with environmental sustainability, promoting diversity, and giving back to the community. In our view, running an ethical business is what leads to real and sustainable growth. We recognize and uphold the same values that our client partners place on triple-bottom-line principles. To that end, we participate in community giving initiatives, we mentor diverse partners, and we proactively collaborate with clients to help reduce their environmental impacts while simultaneously improving their bottom line. We do this for the good of our business, and of our planet.

“Corporate social responsibility is not just a trend, but a rather sensible way of conducting business.”

Joe Maak


Our commitment to community is part of our company culture: we believe in the value of elevating worthy causes that matter to us through charitable campaigns, volunteer endeavors, and developing initiatives. Throughout the year we find opportunities to give back through donations and organized volunteer efforts, including charitable campaigns in support of local nonprofit organizations such as the San Diego LGBT Community Center, Mama’s Kitchen, San Diego Rescue Mission, and Habitat for Humanity, among many others. Our employees volunteer on boards and committees such as the San Diego Mayor’s LGBT Advisory Committee. Pride has participated during the San Diego Pride Parade and has endowed a scholarship for LGBTQIA students at MiraCosta College. Pride also gives back to the diverse business community through our Mentor-Protégé Program, in which we coach and mentor up-and-coming diverse companies and dedicate a percentage of our prime contract spending to create opportunities for these companies to gain experience and grow.

We give back because:

  • It is an integral part of our company culture
  • It builds trust in communities we serve
  • It is in alignment with the values of our client partners
  • It inspires our employees
  • It is good business
  • It makes us a more well-rounded company
  • It just feels right


Creating a culture of belonging, inclusion, and diversity means embracing differences that both enhance our work culture and drive our business operations. We actively recruit and embrace diversity in our workforce, and our employees are diverse in gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, religion, and age. This variety of backgrounds provides our team with unique life experiences, thoughts, ideas, approaches, and an array of perspectives that creates a culture of empowerment—one that fosters innovation, economic growth, and new ideas—making us leaders in creative and sustainable solutions.

We embrace diversity because:

  • A diverse workplace is more productive and inspired workplace
  • Diversity of thought leads to a diversity of solutions
  • Innovative thinking is a result of diverse approaches
  • A diverse workplace results in improved cultural competency and improved performance
  • Diversity is attractive to partners and clients alike


As a thriving company, we feel an integrated environmental sustainability program has allowed us to maintain a high standard of work, build trust with our client partners, and take pride in the outcome of our projects. Ultimately, we seek to build a sustainability program that moves beyond obligatory requirements, and one that strives to greatly improve business performance through reduced operational costs, increased revenue generation, and enhanced company brand value. We share many of our clients’ core values— recognizing safety, diversity, integrity, reliability, and environmental stewardship as top business priorities.

Below are a few of the ways we aim to operate sustainably:

  • We contribute to green initiatives with regard to energy, air pollution, water resources, recycling, and waste management
  • We have adopted a voluntary commitment to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • We developed an internal sustainability committee responsible for devising plans, goals, and trainings for employees and key stakeholders
  • We are members of the Electric Utility Industry Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance (EUISSCA)
  • We attend conferences to make sure our environmental stewardship is in alignment with industry standards
  • We meet with our clients to understand their sustainability goals and integrate them into our plans
  • We consider the environmental performance data of our suppliers when making procurement decisions