Transmission Drone Data Inspection

Our subject matter experts, electrical professionals, linemen, engineers perform desktop inspection of drone and helicopter aerial footage of electric transmission structures including conductors, hardware, components, foundations, and coatings, to evaluate strength, durability, failure modes, and overall quality of the assets. Additionally, Pride’s subject matter experts perform quality checks on inspectors, desktop inspection reports, and field inspection reports, make recommendations on assessments, and determine priorities for system repairs.

  • Pride is one of the top-performing inspection companies on the program according to PG&E
  • Our nonunion QEWs and engineers completed over 15,000 desktop inspections in 2019 and over 11,000 desktop inspections in 2020
  • Industry: utility
  • Project Type: Inspection
  • Client: Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)
  • Location: San Ramon, California
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Services: QA/QC inspection, analysis, evaluation, reporting
  • Keywords: Transmission, drone, aerial, QA/QC